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Luis Jimenez

Luis Jimenez was born in El Paso, Texas in 1940, the son of Mexican immigrants. For over twenty-five years, Jimenez has been creating populist art and public commissions. He has enjoyed success and professional recognition, and at times, heated controversy.

His art elicits strong feelings, debate and controversy and is unflinchingly imbedded in the passionate issues of our modern world. His work is a unique fusion of “Chicano” and Anglo-American worlds. Jimenez is an unorthodox Pop artist with humanistic concerns. He achieves his view by utilizing undiluted vibrant colors (a legacy from his work in his father’s neon sign company and the Mexican muralist influence) and fiberglass (the technology of the North).

Luis Jimenez: Man on Fire, a retrospective with 331 works, opened at The Albuquerque Museum in New Mexico in 1995 and traveled to The National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C. In 1997, a traveling retrospective exhibition of his work, Luis Jimenez: Working Class Heroes: Images from a Popular Culture, opened at The Dallas Museum of Art, the first venue of a three year national tour.

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