Family of Women Series: Faith, 1973

Mixed media performance piece

65 x 19 x 9 in.

The Family of Women, a series that Faith Ringgold completed in 1973. It was inspired by the Dan masks of Liberia. The Dan mask is carved out of wood. These masks however are made of finely woven linen canvas, which were painted, embroidered, and beaded. The face features a gaping screaming mouth and large round eyeholes through which the wearer could see. The brightly colored yarn hair is in long skinny braids that hang free on the hooded mask head. They were created in the likeness of some of the women and children Ringgold knew growing up. During the 1970’s, Ringgold was involved in the Women’s Movement, and her work during this time reflects her dedication to promoting representation of women in the art world.