Judson 3, 1970


18 √ó 24 in

Judson 3 was created in response to the arrest of Faith Ringgold and two other artists in 1970 for organizing a group exhibition, “The People’s Flag Show”, held at the Judson Memorial Church in New York City’s Greenwich Village. The show was organized “as a challenge to the repressive laws governing so-called flag desecration”. Hundreds of artists participated in order to protest the Vietnam War and racial oppression in the United States. On the night before the close of the show, three of its artists (Ringgold, Jean Toche and Jon Hendricks) were arrested and charged with flag desecration. They became known as the “Judson Three”. Defense funds were set donated for the artists’ appeal. They were found guilty in 1971 and sentenced to pay $100 or a month in jail. They paid the fine.